I am very excited to announce I will be playing the LA County Fair on September 11th. Not just the fair, but a honorary memorial section of the fair, that is being set up for that day only. There will be exhibits from all the branches of the US Armed Forces on display. Show starts at 10 AM and we are going to play until we run out of songs. All they asked, is that we play the music that makes this great country proud! I am truly honored to be asked to perform at this venue, on such an important day of remembrance for our country. More details to follow.

Thank you Crown Capital Securities and to all your great reps, guests and sponsors who attended Friday night’s performance at the Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort in Huntington Beach! 450 of you dancing non stop for 4 hours, made for what was truly a great and inspired evening! I love ya all!!! ~Ry

Thank you everyone who came out to the Rockabilly Showdown! We took 2nd Place and had so much fun. 2nd place isn’t bad considering that the Rockabilly style is only a small part of what we do. What we do is play great songs and get everybody dancing and having a blast. All the bands that played on Saturday were excellent, and the event was a blast.  It was all the fans that came out that helped us put on the best show of the day. I love you guys!

Playing an action packed and fun filled set Saturday, Ry Bradley earned a spot in the finals of the Rockabilly Showdown on June 18th at the Orange County Fairgrounds! Ry and his band performed a high energy mix of his popular long standing originals and his brand new material, that swing from Rockabilly roots, to crowd pleasing Country Music groves! Ry’s quote, after the big announcement that propelled him into the finals “I played the songs I wanted. I just knew to have fun and let the chips fall”. Well fall they did, as the judges impressed with Ry’s command of the stage and the reaction from the crowd, voted him to into the finals! Mark your calendar for June 18th at high noon, come cheer Ry and the boys as they kick off the finals with a chance to play in the legendary Hootenanny festival on the line!!!! For more information on the Rockabilly Showdown, click here!