Ry Bradley – Biography

“I want to take my fans to where their toes are just barely touching the bottom. They know where they are but they are excited by what’s next.”

Ry Bradley is an award-winning country music artist who brings his dynamic stage presence and innovative country sound with him wherever he goes.

Winner of the 2014 LA Music Award for “Country Artist of the Year,” Ry states, “it feels great to be recognized for what I do when inside I still feel like an 11-year-old kid with a guitar, excited to play my songs.”

Ry was exposed to many types of music while growing up in Hawaii and California but rediscovered many of his family’s favorites while at the University of California, obtaining a bachelors degree in music. Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, and Johnny Cash were a few of the most influential artists. “As I was becoming my own person, experiencing the ups and downs of life, those artists gave a voice to the feelings I didn’t yet know how to express myself. There was rock, and there were blues, but it was always country music that truly called out to this heart.”