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  • Ry’s Pledgemusic campaign is live as  he creates new music and works on upcoming  albums and songs for film and television sound tracks. The Campaign invites fans to collaborate with Ry on new songs and his Upcoming Album Release Party in Huntington Beach California on June 1st.                   Click here for more info.
  • Ry is soon to  secure worldwide distribution of his music via Sound Revolver.  Stay tuned for official announcement and details on this significant career move.
  • Ry will be performing in Nashville at the 2018 CMA Festival prior to a summer touring schedule in Norway and the United Kingdom.

A couple of years ago I found myself out in open water.. kinda drifting with my music..
I was at the end of my songwriting agreement with my former publisher and good friend Charlie Monk in Nashville. I wasn’t really sure what to do next, I was close with my manager at the a time but things were changing for him as well. I found myself drifting. No Manager, no Publisher, no real plan to keep going in music. Doors were closing but I didn’t see new ones opening.
During a meeting with Charlie Monk he mentioned that he had met another “kid” from California writing songs that he thought lived near me, and Charlie suggested I call him.
So I called this “kid” when I got home and we talked about meeting up. Turns out he wasn’t some “kid” at all but actually a successful producer with many songs on TV shows and movies, and had many artists recording his songs. We are about the same age and after about 5 minutes of talking we discovered that we are both huge Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses fans….. And we live a mile a way from each other! Coincidence or not I think it’s pretty damn cool that I became friends with Justin Busch and I think it’s even cooler that we both have this “no rules, no excuses, push the boundaries” style to song writing and I’m so lucky to have him produce my last record. You Me &the Music.(2016)

A year later Justin and his wife were at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas on Justin and his wife left just moments before the shooting started that night. The impact of the tragedy that night is still being felt and so many friends and family have been shaken to the core by the incident.
The only way Justin and I really know how to cope with loss, and despair is to make music, so Justin and I wrote a song the next day called “The Next Aldean Show.”

We released the song the following week with 100% of the proceeds going to the victims and their families via The National Compassion Fund. So many people have gotten behind the song and it has been played all over the radio throughout the country. The song was even played in Ventura County where so many of the festival goers and victims live. My favorite lyric in the song is “You just can’t stop our way of life.”

Part of the reason Justin and I work together so well and have become such good friends is that he understands my view of fans. He gets that I view my fans as friends and for someone to listen to and spread my music they have an important connection with me.

So we decided to release a new song on Christmas day. It’s called, “Hard Not to Feel.” I am giving away a free copy to everyone on my email list. If you’d like to join the email newsletter click here or email Team@RyBradley.com

“Hard Not to Feel’ is being promoted to radio across the country and I will be performing at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville in February. I am definitely pulling myself up from my bootstraps with no major label. I am risking it all in 2018 and your support means everything to me. Click here to get your free copy of “Hard not to Feel.”

Ry Bradley has written and released a special song in support of those who were killed and wounded at The Route 91 Harvest Concert in Las Vegas, on October 1. “My producer, Justin Busch, was there that day along with many of my friends and fans from California. The moment he returned home we began writing because music is the way I’ve always dealt with processing the good and bad things in life.” Bradley said.
Bradley pointed out that it was his and Busch’s intention to not only acknowledge and honor those who have died and are suffering, but also to help provide some measure of hope and inspiration in carrying on with life. Here are a few lyrical excerpts of the song:
            I never will forget how we felt that night
            But you just can’t stop our way of life…
            So let’s show the world tonight
            You and me and this country music family…
            Living every word of Dirt Road Anthem
            You’ll still find me and my friends in the front row
            Of the next Aldean Show.
Download The Next Aldean Show the full amount of $0.99 will go to The National Compassion Fund (in partnership with the Las Vegas Victims Fund) which provides immediate and long-term critical support to the victims and their families. 
Contact Management: Tom Tanno (tom.tanno@gmail.com) 818-515-8079

Message from Ry:

When I was a little kid, every year these strange people would come take over our house us speaking a language I didn’t understand while hanging out with my mom and step-dad. These “crazy Norwegians” would come back every year and as a little guy I didn’t really piece together who they were. Just friends of my parents here to vacation and buy a ton or car parts and even old hot rods.
They’d adventure with us and live in our house with us filling the kitchen every night with loud talk, vodka, Jegermeister and laughs. Sometimes it would be a tribe of men or a few couples, but most often I remember it was a beautiful family who would stay with us. Husband, Wife, 2 little boys and a little girl.  They looked like us, and were as close as family, but all I really new was that they didn’t speak much English and they were fun, nice and loved American cars.. and
they were from Norway.

Last summer I got a call from my mother asking me if I wanted to go with her to Norway to visit the family who stayed with us most. I love to travel and of course I’ve gotta go be my moms bodyguard…So last August we went on our own adventure to be the “crazy Americans” in Norway.
That’s how all this Norway business started for me. I loved it there and our Norwegian friends treated us to 2 weeks of great times in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen…. and I made even more friends while I was there!

So this summer I will be taking my entire band to play music in Norway!
It is a beautiful country where the people focus on family and enjoying life.
I plan to do many videos reports on patreon.com/rybradley from the trip and I know that the band and I will have the time of our lives playing our songs and making new friends. Here is a Complete list of the shows in Norway: RyBradley.com/shows