Ry Bradley has written and released a special song in support of those who were killed and wounded at The Route 91 Harvest Concert in Las Vegas, on October 1. “My producer, Justin Busch, was there that day along with many of my friends and fans from California. The moment he returned home we began writing because music is the way I’ve always dealt with processing the good and bad things in life.” Bradley said.
Bradley pointed out that it was his and Busch’s intention to not only acknowledge and honor those who have died and are suffering, but also to help provide some measure of hope and inspiration in carrying on with life. Here are a few lyrical excerpts of the song:
            I never will forget how we felt that night
            But you just can’t stop our way of life…
            So let’s show the world tonight
            You and me and this country music family…
            Living every word of Dirt Road Anthem
            You’ll still find me and my friends in the front row
            Of the next Aldean Show.
Download The Next Aldean Show the full amount of $0.99 will go to The National Compassion Fund (in partnership with the Las Vegas Victims Fund) which provides immediate and long-term critical support to the victims and their families. 
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Message from Ry:

When I was a little kid, every year these strange people would come take over our house us speaking a language I didn’t understand while hanging out with my mom and step-dad. These “crazy Norwegians” would come back every year and as a little guy I didn’t really piece together who they were. Just friends of my parents here to vacation and buy a ton or car parts and even old hot rods.
They’d adventure with us and live in our house with us filling the kitchen every night with loud talk, vodka, Jegermeister and laughs. Sometimes it would be a tribe of men or a few couples, but most often I remember it was a beautiful family who would stay with us. Husband, Wife, 2 little boys and a little girl.  They looked like us, and were as close as family, but all I really new was that they didn’t speak much English and they were fun, nice and loved American cars.. and
they were from Norway.

Last summer I got a call from my mother asking me if I wanted to go with her to Norway to visit the family who stayed with us most. I love to travel and of course I’ve gotta go be my moms bodyguard…So last August we went on our own adventure to be the “crazy Americans” in Norway.
That’s how all this Norway business started for me. I loved it there and our Norwegian friends treated us to 2 weeks of great times in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen…. and I made even more friends while I was there!

So this summer I will be taking my entire band to play music in Norway!
It is a beautiful country where the people focus on family and enjoying life.
I plan to do many videos reports on patreon.com/rybradley from the trip and I know that the band and I will have the time of our lives playing our songs and making new friends. Here is a Complete list of the shows in Norway: RyBradley.com/shows

Ry has announced that he will be performing at the Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference in June. This is a huge honor and Ry will release his tribute song “These Open Arms” on June 1st with all the proceeds from the June Patreon subscriptions going to Big Brothers Big Sisters. The song can be found on all major music services and Patreon.com/rybradley.

Here is the Video for “These Open Arms” produced by song co-writer Lissa Coffey

Ry and his band will be doing a special showcase at Campus Jax in Newport Beach California on May 25, 2017. This will be a celebration of Ry’s recent song feature in ABC’s “The Fosters.”

Ry’s song “Still Got a Lot To Figure Out” was featured on Episode 4019 of The Fosters  which aired on Freeform (ABC Family) on April 3, 2017. This song was written with Ry’s friend and songwriter Justin Busch. “Still Got a Lot To Figure Out’ came from a real place and story of love. I am honored that it was the perfect song for this show about a family figuring out how to be happy and make it in this world.”