Ry Bradley releases “The Next Aldean Show,” a song honoring the fallen and wounded of Route 91 Harvest and to offer inspiration to country music fans everywhere

Ry Bradley has written and released a special song in support of those who were killed and wounded at The Route 91 Harvest Concert in Las Vegas, on October 1. “My producer, Justin Busch, was there that day along with many of my friends and fans from California. The moment he returned home we began writing because music is the way I’ve always dealt with processing the good and bad things in life.” Bradley said.
Bradley pointed out that it was his and Busch’s intention to not only acknowledge and honor those who have died and are suffering, but also to help provide some measure of hope and inspiration in carrying on with life. Here are a few lyrical excerpts of the song:
            I never will forget how we felt that night
            But you just can’t stop our way of life…
            So let’s show the world tonight
            You and me and this country music family…
            Living every word of Dirt Road Anthem
            You’ll still find me and my friends in the front row
            Of the next Aldean Show.
Download The Next Aldean Show the full amount of $0.99 will go to The National Compassion Fund (in partnership with the Las Vegas Victims Fund) which provides immediate and long-term critical support to the victims and their families. 
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